Here is a list of my currently available fiction. Enjoy! You can read all these stories for free online, but most sites accept donations so if you like the stories you read there (mine or others), and you can support the publication, any contribution would be welcomed.

The Folly of Her Generation – historical fiction at Every Day Fiction

Burned – cyberpunk sf at Every Day Fiction

Pioneer Possessions  – weird west fantasy at Every Day Fiction

Annie’s Planets – sf at T. Gene Davis’s Speculative Blog

Virtual Blues – sf at Diabolical Plots

A review of Virtual Blues can be read at Tangent

Au Pair, Or Else – sf at Perihelion Online Science Fiction Magazine

A Patch of Dirt in Paradise – alt hist at Abyss & Apex (the Hugo-nominated publisher of one of my favorite stories, Wikihistory).

The Schismatic Element Aboard Continental Drift – sf at Diabolical Plots

Upcoming in 2017:

  • A historical fantasy story to appear in STRAEON II

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