Renovations and Revisions

In my non-writing life, I’m spending considerable amount of time renovating a 1984/85 Beneteau First 38, which is a sailboat. Taking apart and doing maintenance on winches, sanding/grinding/fiberglassing/filling/epoxying a rudder, and a multitude of other jobs has left me with tired hands many nights. But the end result will be worth it once we get the boat back in the water.

In my writing world I am working on a new short story, editing others (both for myself and a writing group partner), and planning revisions for a historical fantasy series. The boat renovations ate into my writing time but fortunately they are about complete.


New Story at Diabolical Plots

My new story “The Schismatic Element Aboard Continental Drift is up at Diabolical Plots! Being selected for a second time out of the anonymous slush pile is a great honor and I’m thrilled this sf story about a generation ship and a philosophical quandry was chosen. The question of how we might decide to divide humans among ships heading to new planets was often on my mind, and whether using religion (or lack thereof) was a plausible option as the conflicts between members of various religions on our planet is so often in the news and our lives. This story was the result. I hope you enjoy it.

Chessiecon 2016

I was honored to be asked to participate once again at Chessiecon. I played a “Dystopian” set of songs with the accompaniment of my bass player husband Jon. the Turkey Awards Panel was a wonderful opportunity to evaluate and review the worst possible openings of the worst possible sf/f novels imaginable! Check out the “winners” here.

New Story on Abyss & Apex

My story “A Patch of Dirt in Paradise” can now be read on Abyss & Apex!

This story was inspired by a survival pamphlet distributed to all families in Hawaii by the Governor’s office in 1961, and a story my father told me about an old woman he saw attempting to garden in the dirt plots from which trees grow along Punahou Street.

I hope you enjoy it!

Chessiecon 2015

I will be attending Chessiecon this Thanksgiving Weekend. Come find me!

Friday: 4:15pm -4 :45pm – Concert: Lee Budar-Danoff (with Jon Budar-Danoff), in Ridgely 2

Friday: 5:30-6:30pm – You’re Almost Finished with NaNoWriMo…Now What?, in Greenspring 3-5, (moderator)

Saturday: 12:30pm – 1:30pm – Turkey Awards Panel, in Greenspring 3-5

Diabolical Plots Announces Year Two Fiction Line-Up

Diabolical Plots has posted the list of stories accepted for publication after their second open submissions window. I was gratified to learn my story, “The Schismatic Element Aboard Continental Drift” would appear in December of 2016.

I’m in very good company. My Viable Paradise XVII fellow alum Coral Moore’s story “Sustaining Memory” will appear that August. Another friend and VP alum, Alex Shvartsman (editor of the UFO anthology series, and author of many wonderful short stories which you can read in Explaining Cthulu to Grandma and on multiple fiction sites) will have his story “Future Fragments, Six Seconds Long” appear that July.

Mark your calendars!


Welcome to the official site for Lee Budar-Danoff, author of speculative fiction. This site, as well as my work and myself, are all works-in-progress. Check back for updates soon!